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Bee’s Hive Recruitment and Education Consultants is a consultancy that specialises in the area of recruitment and training solutions across all verticals. We are different from other recruitment and training consultancies in the way we have designed our work processes to completely capture and respond to our client’s needs. Additionally, we offer you added services that save you time, energy and money and give you carefully screened candidates who fit your requirements.

Why Us

With the popularity of all things “online”, especially recruitment and teaching-learning, a new “normal” has been created, where solutions seem off-the-shelf and on speed dial. These are often not functional, or specific to the problem. Bee’s Hive on the other hand, believes that the advantages of new tools must be adopted and combined with the strengths of the established painstaking ways.

With quick online ‘recruiting’, the valuable art of screening candidates, actually talking to them and meeting them, has been lost. We, at Bee’s Hive believe that with competency-based screening, and using structured interviewing for screening, we will sift the grain from the chaff and present you with the convenience of having to meet only the candidates with real potential to fit your vacancy.

Now, online training “products” are easily and cheaply available, all aimed at mass categories of employees and “common problems”. At Bee’s Hive we believe in the view that each client, even each employee group, is unique in its needs. We believe in working with our clients closely to capture and address these distinctive needs, which, when translated into training, will solve specific problems, and generate significant gains.

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Our field of expertise is recruitment of talent and training solutions across all verticals and sectors.

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