About Us

Who & What Are We?

Bee’s Hive Recruitment and Education Consultants is a consultancy that specialises in the area of recruitment and training solutions across all verticals.

We are different from other recruitment and training consultancies in the way we have designed our work processes to completely capture and respond to our client’s needs. Additionally, we offer you added services that save you time, energy and money and give you carefully screened candidates who fit your requirements.

Bees at Work

Bee’s Hive’s founding partners bring together a considerable experience and expertise to ensure that your specific requirements are met:

The Management Team

Brigitta George Abraham

Brigitta George Abraham, Founding Partner, has over 25 years’ experience totally. She has taught English in schools for over 11 years. Prior to that she has had 15+ years working in Human Resources, recruiting and training people.

Having been the Head of the English Department in a school, and handling a team of teachers, she clearly understands the skills and competencies required for teaching staff. Prior to her school experience, Brigitta has had 15+ years in several Human Resources Departments in the corporate sector, having worked in companies like Bharat Electronics Ltd, Shopper’s Stop Ltd, MyDollarStore and Future Logistics Services Ltd. Sourcing candidates and selecting them with urgency, even while high maintaining standards, has been the focus of her experience.

Brigitta Abraham

Barkha Punjabi

Barkha Punjabi, Founding Partner, has 20 years’ experience totally. In the education sector, working in both schools and edu-tech companies. she has had extensive experience in Client servicing and strategic Marketing, Public Relations, Administration, HR and Recruitment and selection of staff.

For 13 years, she has headed the HR and Admin Departments of a reputed school in Mumbai. During her tenure there she handled a large volume of recruitment for a variety of academic and non-academic positions, which included international recruitment assignments. During her subsequent 2 years’ experience in an edu-tech firm, she handled recruitment and selection in addition to her Marketing and Client servicing responsibilities.

Barkha Punjabi

Our Mission

It is with pride that we declare our mission:

To improve the availability of talent for organisations/school managements and simultaneously improve the availability of job choices for teachers/content developers, thereby easing the pains of recruitment for both.

Having worked inside the school system, we understand the immense pressure that situations of short-staffing pose for schools, how managements struggle to maintain quality of lesson delivery in the face of employee attrition, how teachers struggle with substituting for vacant positions and how finally, students are affected by inadequate staffing.

Focus! Focus! Focus!

Our keen focus is on designing our work processes to respond to the client’s needs that enables us to find candidates quickly as per specifications. Our recruitment process is designed to save you trouble, save you expense and save you time.

Our Belief

The glue that holds all relationships together, including the relationship between the client and the service provider, is integrity. It is the cornerstone of all success. Without it, confidence and ability to perform are meaningless.

Recruitment Skills

On the supply side, while we find that there are enough resumes afloat for teacher positions, identifying qualified and skilled people is a difficult task. We believe that Bee’s Hive Recruitment can match candidates with hiring specifications of the client organisations in terms of skill, attitude and cultural requirements.


Our approach in this endeavor will be underscored with integrity and transparency. We believe that long-terms relationships are nurtured only through openness, and all our transactions will echo this belief.
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