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For Recruitment


Leading Insights.

Collaborative Culture.

Meaningful Relationships.

We adopt recruitment process (methodology) to suit the need of our clients. Our candidates are presented on the basis of a match against Pre-determined competencies.

We do not believe in a perfect candidate. As such, our candidates are presented realistically and truthfully against the competency model.

Coordination: Whilst our objective will always be to exceed our client’s expectations, it is critical to the long-term success of the arrangement that a joint culture is created and the parties behave in a manner that ensures the spirit of partnership is maintained. Bee’s Hive will communicate with the client’s designated representative at all stages in the mandate, with transparency and speed.

The Recruitment Process


Understanding the Client

After the client organization signs up with Bee’s Hive Recruitment, an important preliminary is understanding the organizational culture of the client, the client’s structure, values and leadership style. Apart from ensuring a candidate fulfils the job specs, we believe that cultural fit of a candidate to the organization is critical for the candidate to be retained satisfactorily in that job.



After signing up with Bee’s Hive Recruitment, the client organization / school will communicate in writing about the vacancies, detailed specifications, job responsibilities, salary and benefits and the organization profile.


Sourcing Talent

Bee’s Hive will source candidates as per the specifications of the client, and create a short list of quality candidates. Each candidate on the short list will be interviewed by Bee‘s Hive consultants, and their feedback will accompany the CVs. In case of teaching positions, Bee’s Hive will additionally take a short ‘demo’ of lesson delivery.


Facilitating Interviews

Bee’s Hive will facilitate the presentation of candidates for the various interview rounds. Bee’s Hive will ensure the proper information/feedback reaches both the client organisation and the candidate.


Add on services

After selection of the candidates, Bee’s Hive will undertake reference checks and psychometric profiling, if so desired by the client. This, we believe will provide confidence to the client.


Managing the offer

Bee’s Hive believes that open communication with the candidate and client will best serve the purpose of closing an offer. If the client so desires, we will facilitate this process, removes emotions from negotiations, and ensuring mutually beneficial outcomes



Feedback from client regarding performance of Bee’s Hive on the mandate closed. Feedback from Bee’s Hive to candidates regarding their status and performance in selection process.

For Training Solutions


Stage 1

The client organisation will present the need or the problem that training must address.

Stage 2

Bee’s Hive Education will scope the problem and study the issue within the organisation by interacting with stakeholders and reviewing existing processes and outcomes.

Stage 3

Bee’s Hive will present a training solution design to the client organisation, receive feedback on the same and further refine the design. At the same time the costing for the training solution will be presented to the client.

Stage 4

After mutual agreement on the pricing, the client will confirm the same in writing.

Stage 5

Coordination with the client organisation for preparation and organising of the actual programme.

Stage 6

50% of training fee is paid by client before the programme begins.

Stage 7

Conducting the training solution in accordance with the mutually agreed proposal.

Stage 8

Obtaining feedback from participants and client organisation.

Stage 9

Remaining 50% of training fee to be paid within 10 days of conducting the programme.



Pricing for training solutions will be presented along with a proposal to the client organisation and will vary from programme to programme.


50% of the training fee will be paid to Bee’s Hive before the start of the programme and 50% of fee will be paid within 10 days of the completion of the programme.

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