Services for schools, educational institutes and companies in all verticals and sectors

Our field of expertise is recruitment and sourcing of talent at all levels across various verticals and sectors.

For each mandate, Bee’s Hive will source, carefully screen candidates and present a shortlist of candidate. The shortlist will be accompanied by:

  • The candidates’ CVs
  • A sample of writing by the candidate
  • A short briefing on the candidate by Bee’s Hive consultants

On request, a short video of a candidate’s ‘demo’.


On request and additional payment, a reference check of candidates can be made.


On request and additional payment, psychometric profiling of a candidate.


Bee’s Hive will facilitate the interview process and offer of job to the candidate, to its conclusion.



For All Positions

COST: 7% of gross annual salary

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: 100% within 15 days of the candidate’s joining

Services for candidates

Referral to schools/educational institutes or companies WITHOUT a referral fee

Facilitating interviews and salary negotiations between client and candidate so that a WIN-WIN situation emerges.

Retaining CVs on our Talent Pool of candidates so that we can contact candidates whenever a vacancy of candidates’ interest comes up.

Feedback to candidates post interview/selection process, so that candidates can improve their skills and presentation.

Why Us


Consider these challenges in recruiting in the education vertical

Focus and painstaking effort is the only answer to the above issues, and organisations need an employee sourcing partner, like Bee’s Hive, who is more than a ‘post-office’ that forwards resumes.

With the popularity of quick online ‘recruiting’, the valuable art of screening candidates, actually talking to them and meeting them, has been lost. We believe that with competency-based screening, and using structured interviewing for screening, we will sift the grain from the chaff and present you with the convenience of having to meet only the candidates with real potential to fit your vacancy.

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