Why Us

For Recruitment


Consider these challenges in recruiting in the education vertical

Focus and painstaking effort is the only answer to the above issues, and organisations need an employee sourcing partner, like Bee’s Hive, who is more than a ‘post-office’ that forwards resumes.

With the popularity of quick online ‘recruiting’, the valuable art of screening candidates, actually talking to them and meeting them, has been lost. We believe that with competency-based screening, and using structured interviewing for screening, we will sift the grain from the chaff and present you with the convenience of having to meet only the candidates with real potential to fit your vacancy.

Even as unemployment rises, paradoxically, talent shortages exist. The challenge is to find the right candidate in terms of competencies and necessary skills. Bee’s Hive with its first-hand knowledge of the education sector, can help you meet this challenge.


The problem about career sites is that an estimated 50% of candidates quit mid-way while filling up on-line applications which demand the filling up of necessary and unnecessary details in a laborious process. Bee’s Hive can possibly reach competent candidates who have not chosen to be present on career sites.

Career sites might throw up a large quantity of resumes, but quality hires might be achieved only by careful screening and reduction to a far more focused palette. At Bee’s Hive, we will eliminate this step for you of having to wade through large numbers of candidates to zero in on the ones that match your specifications.

In many modes of recruitment, especially at middle and lower levels, the screening process is restricted to a very brief look at the resume (under a minutes’ time!) and an even briefer telecon. Bee’s Hive, however will thoroughly screen the candidate, interviewing them at length against the competencies required for the job.

For Training Solutions


Our solutions are rooted in reality

We understand the context of school education, having worked and closely engaged with school systems.

Our solutions will address your problems

Present us with the problem and we will help you diagnose the training need. Thereafter we can customise the input to become the solution for your problem.

We undertake to yield specific results

We will engage at a closer level, work within a more specific palette, and design impactful training solutions that will impact skills, knowledge, behaviour and performance of your employees.

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